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The Throwaways is a brand new musical by Dyd Wynford.


It follows a team of five friends on a quest to save their comic book shop from closing down. They enter the championship tournament of the once popular trading card game Ba-to-ru with a cash prize that just so happens to be the exact amount they need.  


The show has had a quick developmental turnaround; the number Hear That Sound was performed by Emma Lucia, Molly Lynch and Joe Rose at SIGNAL on 25th February, 2019. It featured on the All That Scratch podcast at The Other Palace in May, 2019.

The Throwaways was workshopped at The Other Palace in October 2019 with a team of actors and musicians, directed by Adam Lenson.


The piece had further development with support from Lambert Jackson Productions at The Other Palace in January 2020.


The Other Palace

Further development 2020

Workshop 2019


February 2019 - watch here


Dyd Wynford

Adam Lenson

Louis Coupe

Joe Rose


Emma Lucia

Grant Urquhart

Olivia Wormald

Lucy Coyle

Evan Mcabe

Esme Laudat

Amelia Gilmour

Barney Taylor

Kat Ronney

Joe Rose

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