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I'm a Weston Jerwood Fellow, and I'm supported by the Stage One Bursary Scheme for New Producers.

I'm passionate about championing new writing and building platforms for creatives to develop their work and skills. I'm committed to creating work that is driven by change and responds to the world and communities around us.  I think we should be encouraging artists to challenge and push the limits of what extraordinary work could be.


Previously, I worked as an Assistant Producer at the Royal Shakespeare Company, working on major productions like The Magicians Elephant, Henry VI: Rebellion and Wars Of The Roses and Richard III. I am continuing to work with the RSC as a change maker with the Freelance Consultation Group - a collection of freelance artists from a range of disciplines who will work with the RSC to shape how they engage with the freelance community moving forward.


Before that I worked at the wonderful Warts and All as their Creative Producer, developing projects like #SpeakYourTruth and LINK: UP, whilst also leading two Young Producer groups - a group of young people committed to creating positive social change through arts and culture.

I trained at Mountview, graduating from their BA Acting course in 2017. Since graduating I've been involved in a number of creative projects across a variety of art forms, including composing the music for The Bee Eaters, a feature film by K.T. Bird. You can watch it on Amazon Prime here. I'm working on K.T.’s next film Sweetly It Turns, which stars Richard Wilson, Ruth Sheen and Steve Oram and is currently in post production.

As a writer my play tube was awarded the Stockwell Playhouse Bursary Prize For Writing in 2018.


My professional name was previously Joe Kerry. 



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Richard III (2022)
The Magicians Elephant (2021)
Henry VI: Wars Of The Roses (2022)
The Magicians Elephant (2021)
Borough Bash! (2021)
Borough Bash! (2021)
#SpeakYourTruth Black Lives Matter (2021)
Photography by Louis Coupe
The Throwaways (2019)
The Bee-eaters (2020)
tube (2018)
FUZZ (2019)
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