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Handsome In England is a new piece by K.T. Bird. It is rooted in the Midlands, and explores the permanence and strength of love in an increasingly difficult and politically crippling world. This tragedy follows two love stories. 


In a Britain which is unrecognisable, The Black Country is now an independent socialist state, resembling golden era Soviet Union. The story takes place at Shareshill and Essington Collective Farm Number 4, Staffordshire. As the world that Amos and his once fellow revolutionaries The Octobrists created begins to crumble, he tries to survive with and around the crippling bureaucracy of the state. Whilst tasked with hosting this year's Summer Solstice celebrations, Amos is unexpectedly faced with seeing his first love again, having been separated for 30 years.

Image by K.T. Bird


Kieran Thomas Bird is a neo-regionalist and social realist writer from Wolverhampton; cousin to Alan Sillitoe, Kieran's writing revolves around the lives of working class Midlander’s.


After training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, he acted in Daniel Evans' revival of Alan Bennett's Forty Years On at Chichester Festival Theatre, at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, and in Robin Hooper's Foul Pages at the Hope Theatre, London. The Bee-eaters was Bird's debut feature length film as a writer and director, and Sweetly it Turns, starring Richard Wilson, Ruth Sheen, and Steve Oram is currently in post-production. 

Supported and Produced by flengwin

Additional support from the Warwick Arts Centre and Stage One.

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